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National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) 2008/09

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) contains all the land transport activities, such as public transport services and road construction and maintenance, which are expected to receive funding from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. Waka Kotahi is responsible for allocating funding to land transport.

The 2008/09 NLTP sets out the significant transport issues facing land transport and lists the transport activities that have been given funding from the National Land Transport Fund and also those that may be funded during 2008/09. It sets out forecasts of anticipated expenditure and revenue over 10 years.

2008/09 National Land Transport Programme

The Authority’s Land Transport Programme (ALTP): The road policing programme for 2008/09

The Road Policing Programme for 2008/09 has been prepared by Land Transport NZ and approved by the Minister of Transport in accordance with the Land Transport Management Act, except for a provision which has been retained while salary negotiations continue.  A package of new initiatives focussing on road safety for the 2008/09 year targets specific performance enhancements which improve the Police’s ability to address driver behaviours and specific locations which are demonstrating high social cost caused by crashes in comparison with the policing resources available in those areas. The initiatives are aligned with the Road Safety to 2010 Strategy, in particular drink-driving and speed enforcement.  The 2008/09 programme is funded from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) at a level of $272.840 million, and funding for the RPP portion of the NZ Police wage and salary agreement is likely to be approved subject to negotiations. Further detail, including activity descriptions and funding levels is contained in the RPP section of this NLTP and the full RPP can be viewed at link).


Page updated: 30 June 2008