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National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) 2008/09

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) contains all the land transport activities, such as public transport services and road construction and maintenance, which are expected to receive funding from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. Waka Kotahi is responsible for allocating funding to land transport.

The 2008/09 NLTP sets out the significant transport issues facing land transport and lists the transport activities that have been given funding from the National Land Transport Fund and also those that may be funded during 2008/09. It sets out forecasts of anticipated expenditure and revenue over 10 years.

2008/09 National Land Transport Programme

Road construction

Minor improvements

The minor improvement allocation is based on 8 percent of the respective maintenance allocation for each road controlling authority, or a lesser amount where this has been requested. In 2008/09, the minor improvement allocation for local roads is $36.2 million, and for state highways the allocation is $33.3 million.

Local road construction

Local road projects included in this year’s NLTP are listed in the regional sections of the NLTP. The projects are shown with the status they have in the NLTP, whether they are expected to start in 2008/09 or later, and their expected funding source. For projects that do not yet have funding approved, the information is indicative only and may change when a funding application is received or new information about the project is submitted to Land Transport NZ. These projects are listed with a category 2 status or a reserve status, whereas the funding approved projects are either listed in the NLTP as commitments because they were given funding approval during 2007/08, or listed as being approved at the time the NLTP is adopted.

For 2008/09, projects with a profile of medium (M) serious ness and urgency, high (H) effectiveness and medium (M) efficiency or better are expected to be funded from N funds. This includes the following profiles: HHH, HHM, HMH, MHH, HHL, HLH and MHM. Projects with a profile below MMH are expected to be funded from R or (C funds in some regions) if they proceed.

The indicative funding source is shown in the NLTP as R if the project has a regional recommendation, and R* if it does not have a regional recommendation.
We expect that there will be N funds available for some projects with a mid-range profile of MMH or HMM, but that there will be insufficient N funds for all such projects. Because many projects are not yet fully developed it is difficult to predict which draft projects of this profile will be brought forward for funding approval and so these projects are shown with an indicative funding source of N/R.
Projects with low priority, based on the information provided to Land Transport NZ, are shown on the reserve list.

Indicative national budgets for each work category are shown in the table below.

Work Category
Percentage 2008/09
311 Road studies
321 Traffic management
322 Bridge renewals
323 New roads and structures
324 Road reconstruction
325 Seal extension
332 Property purchase
333 Advance property purchase

A large number of high value projects approved prior to 2008/09 continue as funding commitments in the 2008/09 NLTP. Examples of these projects are shown in the following table:

Current 2008/09 allocation $million
East Taupo Arterial – Taupo District
AMETI Notice of Requirement and AEE – Auckland City
Tram Road Intersection and Widening Improvements - Waimakariri District
Tiverton Rd/Wolverton St Route Upgrade – Auckland City
Taihape Napier Road Seal Extension – Rangitikei District
Wairere Drive Stage III Extension – Hamilton City

New works that are included in the NLTP 2008/09 include:

Far North District Council Old Bay Realignment Construction
Whangarei District Council Spedding Road Link Design
Rodney District Council Warkworth SH1 Intersection Improvements Construction
Waitakere City Council Sturges Road Bridge Replacement and Widening Construction
North Shore City Council Albany Highway Corridor Upgrade 06/07 Construction
Hamilton City Council Whitiora Bridge widening Design
Rotorua District Council Malfroy/Ranolf Roundabout Construction
Environment Waikato Whangarei to Kawerau Wood Products Transport Construction
Hastings District Council Northern Arterial Route Design
Wellington City Council Westchester To Glenside Construction
Tasman District Council Paton Road Reconstruction Construction
Christchurch City Council Ferrymead Bridge Construction

Regional development

The 2008/09 allocation is $10 million for new project starts. The $10m funding is provided by government appropriation, and not directly from the NLTP. The NZ Transport Agency is administering this fund on behalf of the Ministry of Transport. There are commitments of $4.3 million carried forward from 2007/08.

The funding is for road maintenance, renewal and construction works, and also projects which are alternatives to roadworks. The projects are funded at 100% financial assistance rate. Works which qualify for inclusion in the NLTP are eligible for funding under this activity class when they are delivered by one of the following councils:

  • Far North District Council
  • Kaipara District Council
  • Whangarei District Council
  • Northland Regional Council
  • Gisborne District Council
  • Wairoa District Council

State highway construction 

The allocation for this activity class is similar to that forecast in 2006/07, reflecting the stability provided by the government through its funding guarantee.

The NLTP lists the projects that are either commitments or will be potentially given funding approval during 2008/09. An indicative funding source is shown for category 2 projects, but this is subject to review at the time funding approval is sought.  Most projects are listed in the regional sections of the NLTP. However, the projects delivered on a national basis, such as the toll systems project, are shown in the tables in the national programme section of the NLTP. 

Medium and small projects and studies are listed separately in the regional tables, but are funded on a block budget basis. The block budgets are shown in the National Programme section of the NLTP.

A large number of high value projects approved prior to 2008/09 continue as funding commitments in the 2008/09 NLTP. Examples of these projects are shown in the following table, as are examples of projects expected to start during 2008/09:

Project Commitments
Manukau Harbour Crossing construction
Hobsonville Deviation  construction
Harbour Link construction
Central Motorway Junction, Stage 2 – construction
Mercer to Long Swamp construction
Mangatawhiri Township Deviation construction
Auckland Harbour Bridge Structural Upgrade construction
Dowse to Petone interchange construction
Ruby Bay Bypass construction
Hewletts Flyover construction
Rangiriri to South of Ohinewai construction
Expected new starts
Hamilton Southern Links investigation
Warkworth Stage 1 construction
Christchurch Northern Arterial investigation
Brynderwyn Hills Realignment investigation
Whangamoa South Realignment design
Longswamp to Rangiriri 4 Lane design
SH2/58 Grade Separation design
Christchurch Travel Demand Management design


Page updated: 30 June 2008