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National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) 2008/09

The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) contains all the land transport activities, such as public transport services and road construction and maintenance, which are expected to receive funding from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. Waka Kotahi is responsible for allocating funding to land transport.

The 2008/09 NLTP sets out the significant transport issues facing land transport and lists the transport activities that have been given funding from the National Land Transport Fund and also those that may be funded during 2008/09. It sets out forecasts of anticipated expenditure and revenue over 10 years.

2008/09 National Land Transport Programme

Use of the land transport system

This activity class provides funds for activities that enable and promote safer and more sustainable behaviour by users of the transport system.

Regional transport and system user studies

Submissions within this activity class include proposals for studies focussing on travel demand and walking and cycling strategies. In 2008/09 an allocation of $3.48 million has been approved, covering all submitted projects.

Community focused activities

Community focused activities was a new activity class for the 2007/08 NLTP, continued uptake of these programmes has resulted in significantly more projects submitted for 2008/09 than was initially budgeted.  The number of approved organisations applying for community focused activities has increased from 55 in 2007/08 to 77 in 2008/09.

The allocation for all community focused activities in 2008/09 is $23.05 million. The majority of the projects within these work categories have a total cost of less than $150,000.  It includes:

  • $9.45 million for community coordination
  • $10.98 million for the community programmes work category, and
  • $2.62 million for community advertising

Community coordination represents the most significant increase in cost from 2007/08 and is indicative of more councils employing community coordinators to manage and implement the local programmes.
Community focused activities were allocated $17.0 million in 2007/08. The 2008/09 programme represents an increase in safety and sustainability projects of $6 million.

Walking and cycling

The allocation to walking and cycling provides financial assistance for separate improvement projects relating to the development of cycling and walking facilities as transport modes. Projects funded within this category must be part of a regional or local authority walking and cycling strategy and maintain or induce increased active transport use. It provides for cycling or pedestrian projects that do not otherwise comprise an integral part of a road construction project. Projects can be either state highway or local roading projects.

The walking and cycling allocation has increased from 2007/08 to match anticipated growth in demand. The number of projects submitted for walking and cycling projects continues to grow. Land Transport NZ has set aside an allocation of $18.0 million in 2008/09 programme for funding walking and cycling projects, which includes $4.0 million for continuing work. This allocation represents an increase from the 2007/08 allocated budget of $14.5 million. The allocation for 2008/09 includes provision of $14.5 million for local roads and $3.5 million for state highways.

The number of submitted walking and cycling projects is expected to continue increasing. The push towards active forms of transport will continue as measures to reduce carbon emissions and congestion are introduced. The total estimated cost of projects submitted in 2008/09 exceeds the level of funding allocated for walking and cycling projects. In line with previous years, it is not expected that all category two projects will be submitted for funding approval.

Rail and sea freight

The rail and sea freight activity class provides an allocation for continuation of previous allocations for rail and barging of freight as an alternative to road transport on the basis of the net community benefit of the proposals, and also for domestic sea freight funding for new or improved sea freight services.

The rail and sea freight allocation for 2008/09 is $8.0 million. It comprises:

  • $26,000 for the Kopu aggregate barging project which is continuing
  • $2.0 million for new activities proposed by regional councils
  • $6.0 million for domestic sea freight funding.

Domestic sea freight will be allocated through a competitive bid process that will be implemented during 2008/09. The NLTP does not list prospective activities as these have not yet been called for.


Page updated: 30 June 2008