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NZ driver licence pass rates

Published: | Category: Statistics & surveys | Audience: General

The New Zealand driver licence pass rates data provides pass rate information by licence class and licence stage. Data is displayed with breakdowns by year, region, gender, and age group.

Publication details

Pass rates for driving tests carried out in different regions, and any changes in rates, are influenced by a wide range of factors, including the volume of tests undertaken and other influences in the local community such as applicants’ preparation.

Pass rates do not indicate the likelihood of the same person passing the test in different regions – rather, they reflect the overall rates of all the candidates passing or failing in that region over a specific period of time.

Format and files

In each file, there will be a table per licence class and year. For example in the "NZ driver licence pass rates by region, licence stage and gender for all classes (2012-2018)" file there will be 30 tables. One per year/licence class and each table will be broken out into region, licence stage and gender.

The following formatted Excel files are provided below:

NZ driver licence pass rates for 2019

NZ driver licence pass rates for 2012-2018


The national figures are updated quarterly.

We are currently experiencing some technical issues with how the regional pass rate data is formatted as part of our open data release. As such, regional information is only available up until March 2017 in this format. You can access more recent regional data by contacting us at


While the Transport Agency has taken reasonable care in compiling the information above and in the .csv files, the information is provided on an ‘as is, where is’ basis and the Transport Agency will not be liable for any action taken on the basis of the information. For further information see the Transport Agency disclaimer and the text of the CC-BY International 4.0 Licence(external link).