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Pedestrian planning and design guide

The Pedestrian planning and design guide is New Zealand's comprehensive official guide to planning and design for walking. It sets out ways to improve New Zealand’s walking environment.

2. The planning and policy context

(PDF [PDF, 1.1 MB])

  • Transport and the law
  • Integrated transport planning
  • Strategies
  • Responsibilities of local government and road controlling authorities
section cover photographs - Getting there by foot, by cycle strategy document; pedestrian; School crossing sign.

Providing for walking is governed by legal requirements, policies and planning instruments such as strategies and plans, and the social, transport and administrative context in which walking occurs.

Strategic plans for walking work best when supported by broader strategies and policies that value the contribution walking can make to liveable communities.

While this section looks mostly at the bigger picture, walking happens at a local scale where community walking plans can be used to address the local needs.


Updated: 17 Nov 2009