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Research Note 005 Bilingual traffic signage – a research note

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As part of fulfilling the objectives of Te Reo Rangatira to ensure Te Reo Māori is visible, empowered, heard and spoken, Waka Kotahi is undertaking a programme of work enable and implement more Te Reo Māori on traffic signage. To assist this, the research undertook to identify international precedents for bilingual traffic signs, and to examine safety implications of bilingual signage.

Bilingual signage was found to be common internationally and while there are some implications for road safety these could be mitigated through best practice design and implementation processes.

Keywords: best-practice, bilingual, cost, cultural aspiration, cultural protection, road signs, safety, signage design, te reo Māori, traffic signage, translation

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  • Published: October 2021
  • Reference: 005
  • ISBN/ISSN: 2703-5654 (electronic)