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Research Report 353 National travel profiles – part A: description of daily travel patterns

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Gaining a thorough understanding of daily travel for all trip purposes and by all modes of travel is essential to policy and planning.

The Ministry of Transport’s New Zealand Home Travel Surveys (NZHTS) have, since 2003, been undertaken as continuous ongoing surveys. The dataset resulting from these years of survey include 13 000 people from 6000 households. This large database is a valuable resource covering accidents and safety issues as well as travel profiles.The national statistics are broken down into major and secondary urban areas, and also rural areas as the basis of reporting and presentation.

This report makes this information more readily available to researchers and practitioners involved with transportation.

The report provides a wide range of tables and graphs relating to modes, purposes and trip legs for weekdays and weekend travel. It concludes with recommendations that the research should continue to provide more detailed investigation of trips, travel trends and regional comparisons. It also recommends that the variables surveyed in the NZHTS be further assessed for use in the development of transportation models for future travel projection.

Keywords: annual, average, daily, household, modes, New Zealand, personal, purposes, rural, surveys, travel, trip legs, urban, weekday, weekend

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  • Published: 2008
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