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Research Report 375 Applying health impact assessment to land transport planning

Published: | Category: Sustainable land transport , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This research draws on learning from New Zealand and other countries to meet the following research objectives:

  1. to assess the need for health impact assessment (HIA), in the context of the New Zealand Transport Strategy and relevant legislation
  2. to evaluate the role of HIA in land transport planning to date in New Zealand and explore barriers to the use of HIA
  3. to understand the best point(s) for application of HIA within the New Zealand transport sector
  4. to produce recommendations for better integration of HIA with other development processes in the transport context.

Three data collection components were undertaken between September 2008 and January 2009:

  1. an international literature review
  2. a descriptive review of transport planning processes in New Zealand
  3. four case studies examining application of HIA transport in New Zealand.

Findings indicate deficiencies in current assessment processes and a need for HIA. The New Zealand case studies provide useful lessons about benefits of, and barriers to, HIA in the transport sector. Recommendations are made about applying and integrating HIA in transport planning processes. Administrative changes are suggested to support the transport sector to protect and promote public health.

Keywords: health impact assessment, HIA, impact assessment, New Zealand, sustainability, transport planning

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  • Published: 2009
  • Reference: 375
  • ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-0-478-34625-1 (Paperback) ISBN 978-0-478-35624-4 (PDF) ISSN 1173-3756 (Paperback) ISSN 1173-3764 (PDF)