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Research Report 702 Integrated land use and transport planning

Published: | Category: Environmental sustainability , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This research was undertaken to improve Waka Kotahi, and sector understanding about the benefits of integrated transport and land use planning and to provide a foundation for additional work to improve integrated planning processes, delivery, and outputs in New Zealand.

Using a literature review, policy stocktake and interviews with various stakeholders (including Kāinga Ora, Waikato Regional Council, Waka Kotahi, Hamilton City Council and Auckland Council), this research found that while some national government policy supports integration, it can be undermined by six main factors including status quo bias, tension between policy and legislated requirements, inconsistent quality of local government strategic planning, uncoordinated national government policies and legislation and capacity challenges at the local government level.

integration, integrated planning, land use, policy, transport planning

K Crossland, MRCagney, Hamilton
S Crosswell, MRCagney, Auckland
F Thomas, MRCagney, Auckland
L Thorwaldson, MRCagney, Auckland


7 March 2023 – Changes were made to the following:

Pg 9, Executive summary, Policy stocktake, bullet 7
Pg 10, First paragraph, last sentence
Pg 10, Executive summary, Conclusions and recommendations, bullet 2
Pg 11, Executive summary, Conclusions and recommendations, bullet 7
Pg 12, Abstract, bullets 13 and 16
Pg 37, Section 4.2 Integration in national legislation, Plans and strategies, Highlights, bullet 6
Pg 37, Table 4.1, Local Government Act
Pg 39, Section Tension between differing legislative objectives, first two paragraphs
Pg 41, Section GPS-LT maintenance activity class/LGA level-of-service standards
Pg 42, Table 4.3 Barriers to integration caused by the LTMA and LGA, two bottom barriers
Pg 42, Section GPS-LT maintenance activity class/LGA level-of-service standards, continued after Table 4.3
Pgs 44-47, tables 4.5 & 4.6 & 4.7 and description text in preceding paragraphs
Pg 46, Paragraph 1
Pg 47, Table 4.7 Analysis summary: Hamilton territorial authority documents, Hamilton Long Term Plan 2021–2031
Pg 48, Section Hamilton, Observations on recent decisions in Hamilton, “This type of decision:...” , bullet 2
Pg 54, Section Auckland, General observations – Auckland, final paragraph
Pg 67, Section 6 Conclusions and recommendations, Table 6.1 Barriers to integrated land use and transport planning in Aotearoa New Zealand, second barrier ‘Tension between policy and legislated requirements’
Pg 70, Section 6.4, 1st paragraph
Pg 70, Section 6.4 Improve monitoring, evaluation, and accountability, recommendation 13
Pg 72, Section 6.7 Update the Local Government Act, text and recommendations 20 and 21
Pg 81, Appendix A, Section A.1.2 Local Government Act 2002
Pg 91, Appendix B, 1st paragraph
Pg 96, Appendix B, Table B.3 Territorial authority level planning stocktake - Hamilton, 2021-2031 Long Term Plan, comments
Pg 101 and 102, Appendix C, Consolidated recommendations, recommendations 13, 20 and 21

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  • Published: November 2022
  • Reference: 702
  • ISBN/ISSN: 78-1-99-004493-9