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Road Policing Programme (RPP)

Published: | Category: Corporate publications | Audience: General

Every three years, the NZ Transport Agency prepares a Road Policing Programme (RPP) in consultation with the NZ Police. It is a programme of road policing activities delivered by NZ Police for the main purpose of achieving road safety, and economic growth and productivity outcomes. 

Related information
Development of the Road Policing Programme

Publication details

  • Author:
  • Published: June 2016
  • ISBN/ISSN: ISSN 978-0-478-37120-8 (electronic)

Current RPP

Road Policing Programme 2015-18 incorporating variations for 2016-18 [PDF, 2 MB]

The 2015–18 Road Policing Programme includes information under the following headers:

Strategic context


    • Total investment
    • Components of 2015-18 investment
    • Improvement programme
    • Long-term financial forecast
    • Investing for outcomes
    • Investment by road policing activity

Delivery of road policing activities

    • Overview
    • Operational models

Monitoring and reporting

    • Overview
    • Formal reporting requirements
    • Relationship of inputs, outputs and outcomes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

Road Policing Programme work programme

    • Table 6.1: Sector framework mapped to road policing programme activities by strategic area – including areas of concern, desired sector outcomes and results to which NZ Police significantly contribute.
    • Table 6.2: NZ Police road policing programme work programme by road policing activities – including key performance indicators, how NZ Police will deliver, how NZ Police will track progress, and investment or indicative annual cost.

Previous RPPs

  1. Road Policing Programme 2015/18 [PDF, 3.4 MB]
  2. Road Policing Programme 2012/15 [PDF, 406 KB]
  3. Road Policing Programme 2011/12 [PDF, 200 KB]
  4. Road Policing Programme 2010/11 [PDF, 863 KB]
  5. Road Policing Programme 2009/10(external link)
  6. Road Policing Programme 2008/09(external link)