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Adjusting your bicycle

To get the best from your bicycle, it will need adjusting so that it fits you.

Seat height


Fix the seat at a position where, if seated, the learner's feet can reach the ground easily.

More experienced cyclists

The seat height should be set so that when seated, your leg is almost straight when the pedal is in its lowest position. Experienced cyclists don't need to get both feet on the ground when seated - many move forward off the saddle and put one foot flat on the ground when they stop.

In all cases make sure there is at least 6 centimetres of seat post inside the frame.



Set the handlebars level with or higher than the seat, in a position that is easy to reach. The handles of bicycles with raised bars (normally children's bicycles) should point slightly downwards.

More experienced cyclists

Handlebars should be set at seat level or lower if the bicycle has drop handlebars.

Brake levers

Adjust brake levers so they are within easy reach of the cyclist's hands. Cyclists that own bicycles fitted with drop handlebars may not like having to reach down to brake. In this case, flat handlebars can be purchased separately and fitted.

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Last updated: 16 February 2010