About signs

Compulsory signs

Compulsory signs are usually red or blue. They tell you what you must or must not do.

Stop sign Give way sign Give way sign
You must stop completely, give way to any traffic, and only move off again when your way is clear You must slow down and give way, (or stop, if necessary) You must slow down and be prepared to stop for traffic in the roundabout or entering the roundabout from the right
No cycle sign No left turn sign No entry sign
You are not allowed to cycle here You must not turn left You must not go into this road
Keep straight sign Turn right sign Shared path sign
If there is an arrow sign for the lane you are cycling in,
you must move in the direction shown on the arrow
This is a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists
School patrol stop sign Pedestrians only, cyclists only sign Cycle lane
School patrol: you must stop and remain stopped until the sign is withdrawn Path with pedestrians only on the left side and cyclists on the right Cycle lane
Cyclists must exit sign Bus lane sign Bus only lane
Cyclists must exit Bus lane that can also be used
by cycles and motorcycles
Bus lane that can only
be used by buses

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Last updated: 15 February 2010