Driving skills syllabus

18   Three-point turn


  • To legally and safely complete a three-point turn without touching the kerb or using driveways.


  • In a 50km/h zone.
  • On a two-way road with a light traffic flow, where there is 50 metres of visibility ahead and behind, and no parked vehicles in the way. The road should be wide enough to complete the manoeuvre but narrower than the turning circle of the vehicle.

The driver should

    • Choose a safe and appropriate place to carry out the three-point turn.
    • Position the vehicle to the left of the road, next to the kerb.
    • Search all around (360 degrees), checking in mirrors and over shoulder for hazards.
    • Indicate right for at least three seconds before starting to turn.
    • When it's safe to move, quickly turn the wheels to the right while moving the vehicle slowly forward.
    • When the vehicle is about 1 metre from the right-hand side of the road or kerb, straighten the wheels and turn them quickly to the left.
    • Stop the vehicle before it touches the kerb and apply the handbrake/park brake if necessary.
    • Search all around for other traffic.
    • When safe, reverse slowly with wheels on full left lock.
    • When back far enough to be able to drive forward along the road, quickly turn the wheels to the right.
    • Stop the vehicle before it touches the kerb.
    • Search all around and check mirrors and blind spots before moving forward.
    • Perform the tasks at least three times.

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Last updated: 1 April 2019