Learner licence theory test questions

To help you learn the road rules, this section includes all the general test questions that you might be asked in the theory test, and the specialist questions that you could be asked if you are going for your Class 1 (car driver) learner licence.

You can use these questions to test yourself, or have a friend or family member test you.

Note: the test questions can be updated at any time. New test questions will be based on information in the currentRoad code and will be published on the updates page.

To check your answers, click on the question, which will take you to the section of The official New Zealand road code for heavy vehicle drivers online where you'll find information to help you check if you have answered the questions correctly.

The questions you will be asked at the written test are taken from both the general road code (The official New Zealand road code), and the heavy vehicle road code. You will need to have a thorough knowledge of both. The following section includes some of the general and specialist questions you might be asked.

For further practice, or to purchase practice tests go to www.roadcodepractice.co.nz.

General questions

Specialist questions

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Last updated: 30 September 2010