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Motorcycle trailer requirements

If you tow a trailer, it must have a WoF. To meet the WoF standard your trailer must be in good condition (no rust around safety areas) and it must have the following equipment in good working order:

Features your trailer must have

Features your trailer must have

  • A - A safe and strong coupling and safety chain.
  • B - Safe tyres - if the trailer weighs more than 1000kg when loaded, the tread depth must be at least 1.5 millimetres right around the tyre.
  • C - Mudguards.
  • D - Two red reflectors at the back (one on each side).


You, and any passengers you carry, must always wear an approved helmet whenever you ride a motorcycle.

Your trailer will also need the following features:

Features your trailer must have

Features your trailer must have

  • A - One or two red lights at the back.
  • B - Direction indicators at the back, if the rider's signals can't be seen by drivers behind you.
  • C - Stop lights at the back, if the driver's signals can't be seen.
  • D - A number plate light at the back.
  • E - A current trailer WoF issued by a WoF inspector. (Click here for information about new WoF frequencies from 1 July 2014)
  • F - A licence label needs to be positioned close to the number plate.

Loading your trailer safely

The load on the trailer must not:

  • extend more than 1 metre behind the back wheel
  • extend more than 20 centimetres on either side of the trailer.

See Towing for safe towing guidelines.


Before making modifications, including the fitting of extra lights to your vehicle, check with an approved WoF inspector that the modifications are legal.

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Last updated: 7 July 2014