Creating a safe road system

To create a road system where fewer people die or are seriously injured, we need to improve the safety of all parts of the system – roads and roadsides, speeds, vehicles, and road use. This is a job for all of us – for drivers and for everyone working in the transport sector.

As a road user, you can contribute by choosing to:

  • buy the safest vehicle you can afford so it protects you and your loved ones in the event of a crash, and keep your vehicle really well maintained
  • travel on roads that are the safest and be aware of roadside hazards
  • travel at a safe speed for the road and conditions – such as the safety of your vehicle, the weather, other traffic on the road, and your level of experience
  • give driving the respect and attention it deserves
  • think ahead and leave plenty of time for your journey – even short ones
  • share the road safely with others
  • stay sober and drug-free behind the wheel, and ensure others do the same.

Meanwhile, the transport sector will work to ensure:

  • roads and roadsides are more predictable and forgiving of drivers’ mistakes, and encourage appropriate behaviour and safe speeds
  • speed limits suit individual roads and drivers understand safe speeds and drive to the conditions
    vehicles help prevent crashes and protect people in crashes so they aren’t killed or seriously injured.

It will take 10 years or more to build this level of safety into the road system, and it will only happen if we all play our part. Please do your bit for safer journeys on our roads.

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Last updated: 5 November 2012