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Roadside inspection guidelines for heavy vehicles

Published: | Category: Commercial drivers & operators , Guidance for specialists | Audience: Heavy vehicle operators

Guidelines for re-use inspection of trucks, trailers and buses. Do your own walk-around before you hit the road and save time, money and lives. If you are a driver or an operator, you can do the walk-around inspection yourself and have the defects fixed before you hit the road. Keeping your vehicles roadworthy is a safety issue and a legal requirement – it's not optional. You are responsible – both driver and operator – for ensuring your vehicle complies with all regulations and safety standards. Make the walk-around inspection part of your pre-trip routine and have the defects fixed before going on the road. It is the smart way to avoid expensive fines and costly down-time resulting from a vehicle being ordered off the road.

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  • Published: February 2013
  • ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-0-478-40702-0 (online)