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Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002

Published: | Category: Vehicle standards compliance , Land transport rules | Audience: General

This rule sets out standards and safety requirements for lighting equipment that is fitted to a vehicle (including a pedal cycle), to allow the vehicle to be operated safely and not endanger the safety of other road users.

Rule versions

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Questions and answers

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Publication details

  • Author:
  • Published: 1 April 2002
  • Reference: Rule 35001
  • Also known as: Vehicle Standards Compliance Rule or the Compliance Rule

Current rule

  1. Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 (as at 1 April 2022) [PDF, 571 KB]
  2. Preface to Consolidation [PDF, 64 KB]
  3. Incorporated by reference 

Class exemption

Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 (Modified Cabs) Class Exemption Notice 2021

This class exemption notice applies to any heavy motor vehicle (3.5 tonne and over) that underwent a modification to the structure of its cab on or before 31 October 2018. It allows vehicle owners to continue using a vehicle without requiring certification of the cab modification for the period of the initial class exemption.