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Total Mobility around New Zealand: a regional guide

An overview to using the Total Mobility scheme and contact information for regions operating the scheme in New Zealand.

Information for visiting another region in New Zealand

  • Once receiving an electronic card verifying your eligibility for Total Mobility in New Zealand, this card may be used for travel in all areas where Total Mobility operates with electronic cards, with the current exception of Gisborne and the West Coast of the South Island which use vouchers. If you wish to travel in either of these areas you will need to contact the local council to obtain taxi vouchers. This can be done by following the below links: link) link)

  • Contact the regional council at least 10 days before a planned trip, which will allow time for vouchers to be posted if required.
  • When travelling in another region please advise the driver you are from out of town and are using a card and/or vouchers from your home town.
  • You must present your total mobility card and/or vouchers to the driver at the start of the trip.

Restrictions to the Total Mobility scheme in New Zealand

  • The subsidy can only be accessed when travelling with approved transport operators (refer to transport operators section in each region below).

  • No blue vouchers (for group travel and where payment is not made by a scheme member) issued outside your region will be accepted.

  • Total mobility may not be used for travel that is undertaken as part of your work or that is paid for by another organisation such as ACC or DHB.

  • Return trips are not covered by one transaction. Separate transactions must be made for each one way trip.

  • No waiting time is subsidised, unless specified in individual regions restrictions below.

  • Passengers may travel where total mobility services are provided so long as no more than the local maximum fare is charged to the regional council.