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Travel planning toolkit guidelines and resources

Published: | Category: Travel behaviour , Guidance for specialists | Audience: General

The Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency travel planning toolkit provides you with guidelines and resources to make business trips and staff travel to and from work more efficient. You will find links to many resources to help you develop your workplace travel plan.

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  • Published: 24 August 2011

Contents of the toolkit


There are two guideline documents with different focus areas:


These resources provide expanded information, and are designed to match the chapters in the guidelines.

Guideline chapter Relevant resource
Background #1 Facts and figures [PDF, 186 KB]
Set-up phase #2 Constructing a business case [PDF, 127 KB]
#3 Project plan template [DOC, 101 KB]
Data collection #4 Site assessment template [DOC, 192 KB]
#5 Policy assessment template [DOC, 112 KB]
#6 Workplace travel survey guide [PDF, 99 KB]
#7 Business travel audit template [XLS, 79 KB]
  Workplace travel survey questionnaire template [DOCX, 171 KB]
Action planning #8 Workplace travel plan template [DOC, 119 KB]
Measures and initiatives #9 Guidance for setting up a carpooling scheme
Marketing and awareness raising #10 Marketing strategy and tactical action plan template [DOC, 83 KB]
Implementation #11 Trip decision-making tree [PDF, 49 KB]
#12 Fleet vehicle efficiency checklist [DOC, 86 KB]
Monitoring and maintaining the momentum #6 Workplace travel survey guide [PDF, 99 KB]
#7 Business travel audit template [XLS, 79 KB]

How to use the toolkit

The guidelines have been designed for easy access:

  • Go straight to the information you are looking for – the guidelines are not meant to be read in their entirety.
  • Each chapter summarises the process at the start, with further in-depth detail within the chapter, if required.
  • Both guidelines have the same structure and chapter headings for easy navigation.

We recommend you follow the basic travel planning process described below, and tailor the project to best suit your organisation by picking and mixing the different approaches.

Basic travel planning principles

Developing a travel plan project is straightforward. We recommend the following generic process for workplace and business travel.

Travel plan process

The scope of your project, focus areas and what level of detail you take will depend on your organisation’s needs and the resources available to you (ie staff time, budget).

Here are recommendations of how to approach the travel plan project:

  50 or fewer employees 50–300 employees 300 plus employees


Generic process can be very low-key and informal. Follow the process with a more detailed look at the areas of focus. It is worthwhile to work through the process in depth.
Initiatives Consider focusing on one or two low-cost key initiatives that directly benefit the business and staff. Could focus on key cost-saving initiatives for the business, and enhancing opportunities for staff to use alternative modes for travel to work.