Drive to save fuel and reduce emissions

Driving efficiently can reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle uses and the pollution it emits. You should:

  • drive smoothly, avoiding fast acceleration and sharp braking
  • avoid over-revving by changing up gears
  • reduce short trips – you use 20 percent more fuel when your engine is cold
  • don’t leave your vehicle idling for long periods
  • avoid carrying unnecessary loads.

Keep your vehicle maintained

Basic maintenance will cut down the fuel your vehicle uses as well as reducing pollution. Make sure your vehicle is well-tuned and the tyres are correctly inflated. Roof racks and poorly placed spoilers increase air resistance and fuel consumption.

When buying a vehicle

Try to choose a model that uses less fuel and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

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Consider other ways to travel

Think about sharing rides or carpooling, taking public transport, and walking or cycling.