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Driver licence agent

For many driver licensing services, you’ll need to visit a driver licensing agent.

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Our agents are selected branches of:

Evasive action Any change of course or speed (including swerving, stopping, slowing or accelerating) by another road user to avoid a potential collision with the applicant’s vehicle.
Gross combined weight (GCW) The sum of the GLW of the vehicles that make up a combination vehicle.
Gross laden weight (GLW)

The heaviest of:

  • any weight specified as a vehicle’s GLW by the vehicle’s manufacturer
  • any weight specified as the GLW of a particular vehicle, or a vehicle of its kind, by Waka Kotahi
  • the weight of a vehicle together with any load it’s carrying, including any equipment and accessories.
Head check The driver looks back over their left or right shoulder through the vehicle’s side windows, not the rear window, to check for other road users in blind spots that can’t be seen in the mirrors.

A motorcycle approved as part of the learner approved motorcycle scheme (LAMS).

Learner approved motorcycle scheme (LAMS)

Lane A part of the road used by a single line of traffic. The left and right boundaries of the lane may be shown by lane lines, centre line or edge line, or by the kerb, the edge of the sealed road surface or the centre of the road.
  1. A single vehicle joining a traffic stream, for example, when a vehicle pulls out from the kerb.
  2. 2 or more traffic streams joining to become one stream, for example, when 2 lanes join to become a single lane. 
 On-road weight  The total weight of the vehicle and load at any time.
Pedestrian crossing A part of the road painted with parallel white stripes and indicated by a pedestrian crossing sign, with or without flashing yellow lights.
Road user The driver or rider of a motor vehicle or the rider of a bicycle or a pedestrian.
Special-type vehicles Forklifts or vehicles that run on rollers or self-laying tracks. It also includes motor vehicles that run on wheels but aren’t passenger vehicles, trade vehicles, tractors, fire engines or vehicle recovery vehicles.

When you drive on your learner licence, you must always drive with a supervisor.

They must:

  • hold a current and valid full New Zealand licence for the same class of vehicle you’re learning to drive, and
  • not have a supervisor condition on their New Zealand licence, and
  • have held their New Zealand full licence for at least 2 years, or an equivalent overseas licence for at least 2 years
  • always sit in the passenger seat next to you when you’re driving
  • carry their driver licence with them.

Includes not only motor vehicles but also bicycles and pedestrians.


Includes caravans, and boat and horse trailers.