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This page has specialist questions for heavy vehicle drivers regarding Class 2 heavy vehicle dimensions.

You can use these questions to test yourself, or have a friend or family member test you.
If you don’t know the answer, click on the link underneath the question to find out.

1 Between which two points is the forward distance of a two-axle truck measured?

Dimension requirements

2 What is the maximum distance a vehicle or its load may extend forward from the front edge of the driver’s seat (in its rearmost position)?

Dimension requirements - front overhang

3 What is the maximum height from the ground permitted for a vehicle including its load?
_____ metre(s) 

Dimension requirements

4 What is the maximum width allowed for a vehicle (other than an agricultural vehicle) including its load?
_____ metres or ____________________

Dimension requirements - width

5 Question withdrawn

6 What is the maximum width permitted for a vehicle and its load either side of the longitudinal centre line? _____ metre(s)

Dimension requirements - width

7 On a two-axle truck, what is the forward distance?

Dimension requirements

8 A vehicle has two load-sharing axles spaced 1.5 metres apart. What kind of axle set is this?

Axle sets and weight limits

9 Question withdrawn

10 What is the maximum forward distance for a heavy rigid vehicle without a tow coupling? _____ metre(s)

Dimension requirements

11 For a heavy rigid vehicle whose rear-most axle is a non-steering axle, the maximum rear overhang permitted including its load is the lesser of: _____ metres or _____ percent of the wheel base

Dimension requirements

12 What is the maximum overall length for a heavy rigid vehicle including its load when not towing a trailer? _____ metre(s)

Dimension requirements