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Collaboration between Waka Kotahi, The Road Efficiency Group (REG), local government and the transport sector is essential for the success of the AMDS programme to develop and deliver a national, shared standard for roading asset management.

How is the data standard being developed?

The success of the AMDS programme to develop and deliver a national, shared standard for roading asset management relies on a collaborative effort between Waka Kotahi and the wider local government and transport sector.

Waka Kotahi is accelerating the development of the data standard to ensure sector benefits can be realised sooner.

In collaboration with SMEs from maintenance contractors and professional services consultants that include Fulton Hogan, Downer, Higgins, WSP, we are developing inventory assets and the management of the asset over its lifecycle (e.g. defects, conditions, observations and controls).

The standard is being released in assets groups by cycle for feedback from the sector. These cycles will produce outputs in usable formats (xlsx, sql) to support the toolsets used by our sector partners.

How are we doing it?

  • Waka Kotahi is working with transport sector SMEs to create a common language in asset categories.
  • Developing inventory assets and the management of the asset over its lifecycle (e.g. defects, conditions, observations, controls) enabling key performance measures to be captured.
  • The standard will be prototyped and tested within a mix of small – large sites representing Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) and Network Outcomes Contracts (NOCs).
  • The published standard will be publicly available for Asset Management Solution (AMS) technology providers to use in their AMS systems.
  • Understanding the type and level of support RCAs need to implement the standard, and working with RCA data experts, maintenance contractors and professional services to facilitate rollout of the standard.
  • Roll out of the detailed implementation plan and support will start in mid-2022 and continue over five years.

Prototype – validating the standard

The AMDS programme is testing and validating the ability to implement the standard with the RCAs, maintenance contractors and professional services through our prototype activities. This will provide the information required to develop a repeatable model to implement in July 2022.

Prototype work started with Marlborough Roads in collaboration with Fulton Hogan, HEB, WSP and Waka Kotahi. The number of prototype sites has expanded recently to include Wellington City Council and Masterton District Council and a selection of NOC contracts, covering a good mix of small to complex sites. This ensures enough level of detail and impact is understood to move to the implementation phase with certainty. The prototype work is being developed in partnership with Company-X, to analyse and validate the data, and with thinkproject to develop the solution as the incumbent AMS technology provider.

AMDS Team onsite prototype training at Marlborough Roads with Waka Kotahi, HEB, WSP and Fulton Hogan.

Output files

The following zip file contains entities and associated attributes.

As the provisional data standards are published, they will be circulated for feedback. After the four-week review cycle, the asset classes will be stabilised.

Please email with your feedback.

Name Version
  • About AMDS
  • AMDS Asset - Barrier and Crash Cushion - 1.1
  • AMDS Asset - Bridges - 1.0
  • AMDS Asset - Luminaire - 1.0
  • AMDS Asset - Non-electronic Sign - 1.0
  • AMDS Asset - Pole and Outreach - 1.1
  • AMDS Asset - Railing, Fence and Noise Wall - 1.0
  • AMDS Asset - Surface, Pavement and Subgrade - 1.1
  • AMDS Asset - Traffic Island, Road Hump and Delineator - 1.0
  • AMDS Common - 1.0
  • Feedback from Second and Third Releases
  • AMDS - SQL - v4.sql

Zip file containing all the listed files above [ZIP, 2 MB]

1 (stabilised)

Name Version
  • AMDS - Traffic Signal
  • AMDS Asset - ITS, Mechanical & Electrical Plant
  • AMDS Asset - Luminaire – 1.1
  • AMDS Asset - Drainage System - Chamber
  • AMDS Asset - Drainage System - Channel
  • AMDS Asset - Drainage System - Headwall
  • AMDS Asset - Drainage System - Pipe
  • AMDS Asset - Drainage System - Valve
  • AMDS Asset - Drainage System - Water Area
  • AMDS Asset - Drainage System - Water Structure
  • AMDS Asset - Gantry, Tunnel and Mast
  • AMDS Asset - Marking
  • AMDS Asset - Pathways (Footpaths, Cycleways & Walkways)
  • AMDS Asset - Retaining Wall
  • AMDS Asset - Stopping Places
  • AMDS - Network Group Draft

Zip file containing all the listed files above [ZIP, 22 MB]


Timeline for development of the data standard

April to June 2021
  • Surface Layer
  • Pavement Layer
  • Subgrade
  • Structures group (Bridges, Culverts, Underpasses)
  • Poles
  • Outreach
  • Barrier
  • Crash Cushion
July 2021
  • Marlborough Prototype activities ongoing
  • Prototype site 2 begins
July to September 2021
  • Non-electronic sign
  • Traffic Control Devices Group
  • Luminaire Group
  • Additional Prototype Sites
October to December 2021
  • Surface Water Channels
  • ITS Assets
  • Mechanical & Electrical Plant
  • Markings
  • Stopping Places
  • Pathways
  • Cycleways
  • Network Group (Draft)
  • Structures group (Tunnels, Retaining Walls, High Mast, Gantry)
  • GeoTech Assets
  • Environmental Zone
  • Network Group (Carriageway, Network classification zone, Road centreline, Multi Modal Networks, Kerb Extensions, Kerb Ramps, Pathways)
  • Lifecycle assets all (includes Pavement Surface Subgrade)
July 2022
  • Sector implementation

Data standard resources


Introduction to AMDS [PDF, 161 KB] A one-page document provides a summary of the key activities and milestones of the Asset Management Data Standard programme
AMDS factsheet [PDF, 256 KB] Information sheet about the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) programme for better land transport investment decision-making.
AMDS RCA list [PDF, 180 KB] Information sheet about the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) and its Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) list.
AMDS benefits [PDF, 115 KB] A one-page document provides a summary of benefits tested and validated with stakeholders.
AMDS prototype [PDF, 101 KB] Overview of prototype timeframes and activities.

Data standard references

Waka Kotahi and AMDS are aligned with local and global asset management and open data information. This section provides links to resources about digital engineering, building information modelling (BIM) and open data across New Zealand and overseas.

Building information modelling (BIM)(external link) MBIE’s resources about BIM in New Zealand.
UK BIM Alliance (UKBIMA)(external link) Information about the UK BIM Alliance and its activities to help promote the use of BIM in the UK.
Centre for Digital Build Britain(external link) Information portal of the partnership between the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the University of Cambridge to deliver a smart digital economy for infrastructure and construction for the future and transform the UK construction industry’s approach.
Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA)(external link) Overview of BIM in Australia.
Australian Institute of Architects(external link) Information portal on BIM by the Australian Institute of Architects. Includes the glossary, Q&A, reports etc.
Austroads(external link) Austroads is the peak organisation of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies. The portal contains useful resources on asset management, BIM and other topics. link) Information about open data in New Zealand.
NSW Government – Digital Engineering(external link) Overview of digital engineering in New South Wales.
The Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology(external link) A practical guide to assist local authorities in planning, specifying and procuring future transport systems.