Tools, templates and an implementation playbook have been developed to support Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) with their Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) implementation.

Implementation playbook

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency will provide an implementation briefing at the beginning of your implementation timeframe. RCAs will be provided an AMDS implementation playbook which includes:

  • overview of implementation timeframes, activities, quality controls
  • guidance and recommendations regarding key activities, informed from insights from prototypes and previous implementations
  • key messages for use in communication with different audiences, including benefits and what’s changed
  • templates and checklists
  • AMDS supplier list – RFI responses to the technical and integration market scan.

Data migration tools

To support your data migration activities, Waka Kotahi will:

  • complete mapping analysis for all asset classes and legacy tables and data, eg minor structures, features
  • create SQL scripts
  • have a data quality assurance (DQA) process to identify non-conformance to AMDS.

Quality assurance

Waka Kotahi will also hold a quality assurance role within each implementation. This will include:

  • quality gate reviews at key stages during the implementation
  • review of key deliverables
  • the RCA will provide a monthly progress update.

Read our summary of feedback and insights from RCAs [PDF, 139 KB]