New Zealand's state highway network has a vital role as the strategic road network for the country – enabling people to get to and from work quickly and efficiently, providing a convenient and robust route for freight, and connecting communities. Keeping the network safe, reliable and resilient is a top priority for us. We work closely with transport partners throughout the country in planning, operating and maintaining the state highway network, considering its impact on the environment and the immediate and long-term needs of the businesses and people who use it.

NZ Transport Agency's role in managing New Zealand's state highways includes working with the government and partners throughout the country to identify and respond to opportunities to improve safety, capacity and efficiency on our roads. One of our key goals is to support economic growth and productivity throughout New Zealand. Together, we develop projects based on thorough analysis, engagement and, where appropriate, extensive consultation to ensure they can be implemented cost effectively while delivering immediate and long-term gains to road users and the economy as a whole.

The Highways Information Portal section is a comprehensive central hub, containing current technical resources, processes and operational policy and standards documentation relating to the planning, design, assessment, delivery, operation and maintenance of state highways. These resources may also be relevant to approved organisation activities and functions.

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Welcome to the Highways Information Portal

This portal is part of the NZTA website. It provides information to approved organisations, industry partners, suppliers and NZTA staff to understand and deliver our transport system activity and infrastructure project requirements.

It contains our Standards and Guidelines Catalogue, an index of our standards and guidelines for the transport sector that are published in our NZTA resource library. These documents are regularly updated.

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