The State highway annual plan instructions manual (SM018) gives guidance to regional offices, contractors and consultants around what is expected in their annual plan submission for the financial year in question and the dates for which various submissions are due. 

The manual outlines how forward works programs for pavement renewals and maintenance should be put together, as well as all other work categories within highway maintenance and operations. The Capital Instructions gives guidance and dates for applying for capital projects including Minor Improvements and Resilience projects.

Guidance around NPV analysis, drainage works, and treatment prioritisation are provided as well as a review of the previous year’s RAPT (review and prioritisation team) findings.

The State highway maintenance contract proforma manual (SM032) is a manual for use by the NZ Transport Agency when preparing state highway tender documents for maintenance contracts. It contains the Transport Agency's Highways and Network Operations physical works maintenance tender documents for the Network Outcomes Contract.

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