Journey management

A thriving New Zealand needs people and goods to reach their destination safely and reliably every day, whether the journey is for life, work or play. By adopting a journey focused approach, listening to our customers and working better as a team we’re aiming to create Smarter Journeys Together.

Smarter Journeys Together [PDF, 46 KB] needs a big team to work reliably together across roles, organisations, networks and modes. This includes stop/go operators, site traffic management controllers, contractors, emergency services, utility providers, transport operations centres, maintenance teams, journey managers, project managers, transport planners and decision makers. Each needs to understand our principles, help grow capability and deliver services for our customers.

One network

We aim for one network because efficient journeys need a seamlessly connected transport system. We work as a team to integrate capabilities and services so that the transition between places, regions, authorities and modes is increasingly consistent and cohesive.

Customer focus

We put customers at the heart of our business because journeys create a thriving New Zealand and therefore give us purpose. We’re empathetic to our customer's needs, know their expectations, and make sure our services really add value where it's needed.


Transparency, trust and teamwork are key to delivering Smarter Journeys Together. As a team we talk about why we are here, how to work together and what we seek to achieve. We recognise our differing strengths and capabilities and work together to find the win-win.

Continuously improving

We are adaptive and innovative in response to rapid changes in technology, transport demands, the economy, cities and the country. We try out ideas and quickly learn from our mistakes. We constantly seek ways to optimise our business and the way the network is operated.

Insight and intelligence led

We value reliable information and insight because they are essential for customers to confidently predict and plan their journeys. By being intelligence led we’re seeking deep understanding and evidence about the issues affecting our customers. We also don’t assume what’s important to our customers and we value their insight into our services and capabilities.

24/7 and 365

We are a team that never sleeps because New Zealand lives, works and plays at all times of the day and year. We provide a safe pair of hands that proactively plans for and manages the impacts of everyday events like congestion, crashes, road works and weather.

What we do

The Journey Management team work together to grow four key capabilities:

  • Monitor capabilities sense what is happening on the transport network. We sense the network by listening to customers, sharing information between organisations and through detection technology. 
  • Inform capabilities communicate what is happening on the transport network. We communicate through a range of channels, directly to customers and to third parties to integrate into their products and services. 
  • Manage capabilities take action to manage what is happening on the transport network. We take action proactively and reactively to manage events such as road works, crashes, weather or congestion. We aim to improve the coordination and implementation of planned works, the speed and effectiveness of response to crashes, the accuracy and effectiveness of warnings and preparations for weather events and find ways to make the whole transport system function more smoothly. 
  • Optimise capabilities aim to find the sweet spot that delivers the right mix of efficient and effective services to improve customer experiences. 

Growing these capabilities means we’re investing in people, processes, technology and infrastructure to improve our ability to monitor, inform, manage and optimise. No two days are the same on the transport network so our business must be able to adapt and deliver under any circumstances.

The reason we grow our capabilities is to offer customers services that help them to reach their destination. The kinds of services our customers can expect to receive from the Journey Management team include:

  • Fast and effective response to incidents and weather across the transport network. 
  • Planned road works which avoid peak times with fewer queues, delays and better detours. 
  • Visible improvement in the way every day congestion is managed and communicated. 
  • Travel information that incentivises smarter journey choices, delivered through a range of channels including on-road messaging, telephone, TV, radio or social media.
  • Traffic signals that efficiently and responsively prioritise the right mode, at the right place at the right time of day.
  • Collection and analysis of network intelligence and customer insight for transport system performance. 
  • Work with the team to integrate our services and find the best value for money.

Smarter Journeys Together sets us on the right path to a thriving NZ. It's our promise to our customers and helps us focus on what’s important. It will lead us to work better as a team to make the most of transport capacity and toward Smarter Journeys Together for a thriving New Zealand.

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