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Our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy makes a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment. This includes avoiding, remedying or mitigating adverse effects during the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the state highway network.

To meet statutory requirements related to construction, operation and maintenance activities, the Transport Agency is required to gain various authorisations from those with regulatory responsibilities for the natural and built environments (local authorities, Environmental Protection Authority, Environment Court), culture and heritage (Heritage New Zealand) and the conservation estate (Department of Conservation). These may include:

  • Resource consents
  • Designations and notice of requirements
  • DOC concessions
  • HNZ authorities

If you are working on a  project which requires one of these authorisations, refer to the Consenting strategy approvals and pathways guide [PDF, 1.9 MB]. This guide has been prepared to assist project teams understand the different types of approvals and the pathways available to seek these approvals. 

Consenting and community planners

Transport Agency Consents and Approvals Group can provide specialist advice on statutory applications, pathways and processes, from project development through to maintenance and operation. 


If you are preparing statutory approvals on behalf of the Transport Agency, it is important you understand who can sign applications, negotiate conditions or make other key decisions with respect to statutory approvals. We have delegations relating to statutory planning activities.

For further information contact