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Consent compliance management system (CS-VUE)

Our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy makes a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment as well as avoiding adverse effects during the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the state highway network. To ensure this is achieved, a robust, user friendly and transparent legal compliance system has been chosen for the management of the NZ Transport Agency's environmental statutory requirements.

What is CS-VUE?

A New Zealand based company, CS-VUE developed a web based software solution specifically for compliance with Resource Management Act requirements as well as legal obligations with the Conservation Act, and Historic Places Act.

CS-VUE is a secure database driven by interactive software which eliminates a myriad of electronic and paper systems thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our statutory consent compliance.

Over the years, compliance requirements grew from simple maps showing designations to hundreds of conditions for a single project. Consequently, old systems used for tracking and coordinating file systems over a project's life cycle, from planning to design, construction to operation and between constantly changing staff, consultants and contractors, became overwhelmed.

Now, consent condition identification, retrieval and quality assurance is nationally resourced and coordinated. The software matches each permit with a permit manager and condition manager then automatically sends an email alert notifying them of compliance requirements. Our Environment and Urban Design team owns and maintains CS-VUE for use by all regions.

Who should use CS-VUE?

CS-VUE should be used by anyone who is involved in environmental consent compliance with regards to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the state highway network.

CS-VUE is a contractual requirement for anyone undertaking compliance with legal obligations, such as:

  • resource consents
  • designation conditions
  • Department of Conservation concessions
  • Heritage New Zealand authorities, and
  • any other agreements or obligations which have compliance conditions. 

Training and access

CS-VUE training and access can be arranged by emailing Training takes approximately 45 minutes.

Find out more

Find more background information [PDF, 416 KB] to CS-VUE.

For condition managers, we have this easy to follow guide [PDF, 595 KB].

For further information contact