At the Transport Agency, we are committed to best practice public engagement. We promise to:

  • encourage you to have your say on issues that affect or interest you
  • take the time to get to know you
  • listen to your aspirations, concerns and ideas
  • be open, honest and clear when we talk to you
  • let you know what’s happening as soon as we can
  • show you how what you say and do influences what happens.

We implement our vision through the following principles:

  1. We know why we are engaging and we communicate this clearly.
  2. We know who to engage.
  3. We know the history and background.
  4. We begin early.
  5. We are genuine.
  6. We support and encourage best practice.

The principles provide an at-a-glance guide to good engagement. If you’re able to ‘tick off’ on each of them as you prepare and undertake public engagement, you can have confidence in your interaction with the community and stakeholders.

The principles are not instructional – they don’t demand or force you to do anything. They recognise and promote the incredible breadth and variety of engagement opportunities. They acknowledge that each engagement has a different purpose, undertaken in different places, with different outside influences and with different people involved. All six principles are integrated. They rely on each other and if you chose not to pursue one, the overall success of your engagement could be hindered. Of course, the level of emphasis won’t be equal across all of the principles. This will vary depending on the circumstances, but all six principles should receive fair consideration as you plan and implement your engagement strategy.

The principles are consistent with the Transport Agency Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy and Standard.

Further explanation of each of these principles can be found in the State highway public engagement guidelines.

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