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Ensure the work you are doing will meet the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s environmental and social responsibility requirements with an overview of legislative and policy requirements.

Project managers, network teams, planners, lawyers and communication staff as well as suppliers operating on our behalf all play an essential part in delivering highways that are are safe and socially and environmentally responsible. In addition to these environmental and social responsibility pages there are also the following relevant technical discipline pages providing indepth information on:

National standards, guidelines and specifications

In order to ensure value-for-money as well as consistent environmental impact assessment and mitigation across the state highway network, the Environment and Urban Design team works closely with project managers to collect best practices, identify relevant international trends and develop New Zealand specific standards, guidelines and tools. There is information about assessment and design guidance, the Environment and social responsibility screen, specifications and procurement. 

ESR document index

The index of ESR documents [PDF, 801 KB] contains hyperlinked references to the primary documents that describe Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s environmental and social responsibility (ESR) policies, standards, specifications, processes, Memoranda of Understanding and guidelines.

It has been prepared to assist those seeking to access this information for the first time, or as part of a training programme without detailed knowledge of these resources and their history. 

Environmental and social responsibility standard

The Environmental and social responsibility standard (ESR Standard) tells you what you need to do at each project phase from programme business base through to operation and maintenance. The ESR Standard is a practical application of legal requirements within state highway activities. The ESR Standard should be referenced in contract documents.

Environmental and social management plans

All state highway construction projects, network maintenance area and bridge maintenance contracts will develop an environmental and social management plan (ESMP). Below you can find guidance, templates and examples of environmental and social management plans.

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