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The Greenroads Rating System is an international sustainability rating system specifically relevant and weighted for surface transportation infrastructure projects. Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency introduced Greenroads in 2015 to assess the sustainability performance of selected high value state highway improvement projects during design and construction. Greenroads International, an independent non-profit organisation, provides a rigorous review of an entire project through its project planning, design and construction. 

The following state highway projects are currently seeking (or are required to seek) Greenroads certification.

Construction project teams lead the Certification process with intent to earn an as-built Certification award by delivering a project that meets the performance measures stated in the Rating System. Greenroads staff assess the project’s performance against mandatory Project Requirements and a range of sustainability categories covering environmental, social and economic aspects. Additional information can be found on the Greenroads website or by contacting the Technical Services Team at

Greenroads(external link)

Introducing Greenroads has helped Waka Kotahi build an understanding of how state highway environmental, social and economic outcomes rate against an international framework (what ‘good’ looks like) and communicate these outcomes to interested parties. Greenroads allows project teams to be recognised for the outcomes that they achieve.

Information for project teams

Project phase





Implementation – project delivery
(details design and construction)

Requirement to achieve proposed target for Greenroads certification and prepare and submit bi-annual monitoring questionnaire

Successful tenderer work with Greenroads 

Included as a minimum requirement in project plans and programme

Contractual agreement

Maintain and operation

Monitor Greenroads certification outcomes and report for 5 years



Construct to operate handover

Who is the owner of Greenroads projects?

Waka Kotahi is the ‘owner’ of Greenroads projects and has oversight of the process. The construction project team lead the certification process on behalf of the ‘owner’.

Payment of Greenroads certification fees

The construction project team is required to pay for certification fees related to the project. Payment is made as per agreed with Greenroads through the payment plan and submittal schedule.

A project team can use the certification fees calculator on the Greenroads website to gain an estimate of how much certification fees will be for budgeting purposes.

Greenroads certification fees calculator(external link)

What does it cost - resourcing and other considerations?

There will also be costs incurred by the Project for the time and resources it takes to develop and submit the documentation and evidence required by Greenroads and to respond to any outstanding matters. Some additional investigation of options to meet Greenroads credits may be required or desired although it is anticipated that many credits will be achieved as part of good design practice and construction methods. Aligning the project early with Greenroads will help avoid costly rework and reduce the Greenroads implementation costs. Efficiency is greatly improved if someone who understands Greenroads embeds Greenroads requirements into project processes and documentation.

How do I get a copy of the Greenroads Rating System?

For access to the Rating System please visit the Greenroads website.

Greenroads(external link) 

Please note, access is limited to Greenroads member organisations and individuals, Greenroads accredited Sustainable Transport Professionals (STPs) and to registered project teams.

How do I get support?

Feedback through the rating process

At each submittal the project team receives feedback on what has been submitted and specific credits being sought. Please note that there are a fixed number of submittals expected for each programme as determined by the agreed schedule/plan.

Credit technical questions

The following are questions that require responses outside of the rating process. Please note that Greenroads is Seattle based therefore there is a time difference.

The Errata to the rating system

The Errata provides a number of technical clarifications.

The Dr Greenroads support tool

This is the preferred tool for submitting requests. When submitting requests please provide some contextual information and a single clear question per request. No private information should be posted as this tool provides a running list of questions which are available to everyone.

Website technical support 

Technical support can be used for login and display issues on the Greenroads website. Responses to technical requests are generally made within 48 hours. Contact

Project Workspace

All other questions can be posted through Project Workspace. These will be private to the project team. If an immediate response is required, then it is suggested that a verbal response is sought.

Verbal support and guidance

This is available by phone by appointment and Greenroads have open office hours every Thursday morning (NZ time and day), and introductory webinars twice per month on New Zealand Fridays.

Phone: 0014253760685

Additional support

Waka Kotahi subject matter experts within the OP3 Safe & Sustainable Transport Team will act as conduits between Greenroads and project teams and will provide limited technical advice. Please contact for assistance.

 For further information, contact