New Zealand’s land transport network can create significant benefits for people and communities by providing connections and access to goods and services, and social, educational, employment and recreational opportunities. However, transport activities can also create adverse impacts through severance, noise and visual impact, and changes to community identity and character.

It is our responsibility to enhance the positive effects and minimise the negative effects of our activities on people and communities.

Te Kāpehu, our strategic direction, says ‘The wellbeing of our people, community and planet are at the heart of everything we do.’ This reflects the Land Transport Management Act 2003 requirement that we must ‘exhibit a sense of social and environmental responsibility’ in undertaking our work.

We are moving from simply meeting the requirements of the Resource Management Act 1991 to avoid, remedy and mitigate the social impacts of our activities, and now aim to become a lever for improving social opportunities and outcomes. In this aim we are guided by Toitū Te Taiao – Our Sustainability Action Plan, and our broader outcomes strategy and framework. 

Toitū Te Taiao – Our Sustainability Action Plan
Broader outcomes

Our policy

Our policy on social values can be found in: