The environmental screen identifies whether a land transport option could have environmental and sustainability opportunities and sensitivities.

Environmental screen [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Who needs to use the environmental screen?

The environmental screen is a deliverable required by Z/19 Taumata Taiao – Environmental and Sustainability Standard for all Waka Kotahi projects funded by the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) or where Waka Kotahi is the primary entity responsible for the activity (ie where Crown funding is used).

Z/19 Taumata Taiao – Environmental and Sustainability Standard

It must be completed in the indicative business case and finalised in the detailed business case/single-stage business case by a suitably qualified and experienced professional.

Approved organisations (AOs) are encouraged to use the screen to inform activities funded by the NLTF.

The purpose of the screen

The screen is an interactive PDF containing a checklist of questions to: 

  • identify environmental and sustainability opportunities and constraints
  • inform option selection
  • identify further technical assessments, and
  • support other project workstreams (eg consenting and public engagement).

It informs the multi-criteria analysis (MCA) and option selection process during business case development, and can be applied at a programme level or project level. The screen will also help you to determine if any technical assessments may be required for the project.

Mulit-criteria analysis

The information captured in the screen will also help identify the need to engage with key stakeholders such as tangata whenua, Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga and the Department of Conservation, and confirm if statutory approvals or concessions will be required for the project.

Further information

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