The Integrated Delivery Model (IDM) will be the new delivery model for the majority of the state highway road maintenance requirements across Aotearoa New Zealand. NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA) is developing this model following the NOC Review that took place during 2022, and the IDM will replace the NOC model from 2025 onwards.

Our vision for the IDM is that those working in the road maintenance sector are empowered to bring their best selves to work every day, supported by an environment that links people together, inspires them, supports them and grows their skills to enable the delivery of great transport outcomes for Aotearoa.

The IDM will enable NZTA and the road maintenance sector to become more efficient and coordinated in the delivery of corridor-level improvements. At the heart of the new model is an aim to simplify commercial and delivery mechanisms to focus road maintenance requirements on outcomes that deliver value to New Zealanders.

We do however want to keep elements of the NOC model that have worked well. For example, our emergency response mechanism is considered world class, and we want to ensure that this is carried through into the IDM.

NOC to the IDM comparison [PDF, 296 KB]

The IDM ensures NZTA gives effect to the State Highway Asset Management Plan (SHAMP), which shows how maintenance, operations, and improvements together provide services to customers. Maintaining and operating the existing state highway network ensures road users have safe and accessible roads to travel on.

The draft Government Policy Statement (GPS) for 2024-27 indicates a significant increase in funding for road maintenance, along with increased scrutiny on performance and effectiveness.

Increased maintenance and resilience is one of four key strategic priorities. Under the new Pothole Prevention Activity Class funding is ringfenced for road resealing, road rehabilitation and drainage maintenance, with the long-term aim being that we deliver 2% road rehab per year and 9% resealing per year across the state highway network - approximately 2700 lane kilometres per year.

However, before we reach that point we need a significant uplift in capacity and capability across the sector. In the coming years we need to deliver more than 3000 lane kilometres per year to bring the network back to an efficiently maintainable standard.Throughout 2024 we will be developing the new model and the contract form (the Integrated Delivery Contract) that will give life to our vision.

All existing NOCs will continue until procurement takes place, with contract extensions enabled in line with our procurement plan for the IDM. This will ensure we have consistency of delivery now while we develop the right model for the future. The exact timing of the procurement for each new contract will be released in due course.

The team delivering the IDM can be contacted via

Market Sounding Questionnaire

The IDM will see NZTA play a more involved role within the delivery model environment. As part of this we want to develop better relationships with the wider civil industry, to help us deliver on our ambitions.

Our first step towards this goal is to undertake a Market Sounding Questionnaire (MSQ), which is open until early April. This will enable us to understand supplier skillsets, desires, concerns and level of pre-requisite information held. This information will allow us to gauge whether regional capacity can deliver on expected programmes of work, and where gaps in the market exist.

You can access the questionnaire by clicking on the following link:

Market Sounding Questionnaire(external link)

We have also prepared the following guidance document to support the questionnaire.

Guidance for Market Sounding Questionnaire [PDF, 312 KB]

(Please note we only require one response per organisation, and we recommend completing the questionnaire in one sitting).


Throughout the development of the IDM we will keep external stakeholders and partners informed of our progress. Regular e-newsletters will be produced, and you can sign up to these directly via the subscribe link below.

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