Network outcomes contract proforma manual SM032

This manual is for use by the NZ Transport Agency when preparing network outcome contract tender documents. It contains the relevant sections which make up the full contract documentation.

Network outcomes contract management manual SM034

This manual provides a guide to ensuring there is consistency among our approach to managing contracts and that the contracts we manage are successful. The manual covers the contract life cycle from procurement, contract establishment, contract management, and the maintenance, operations and renewal delivery annual cycle, through to the final year and contract close-out. It contains checklists, processes, forms and examples, and guidelines for elements of the contract.

State highway safe network management activity manual

This manual systematically takes into account road safety issues in the management and operation of the state highway network and can be used as a reference guide. The manual references key activities for road safety, references for the Network Outcomes Contract , the Transport Agency's safety team deliverables and description of activities, policies, standards, guidelines, specifications and standard contract documents that the user can refer to and the benefits of undertaking those activities.

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