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Road-traffic noise assessment

We assess potential environmental effects (including road-traffic noise) of state highway projects in accordance with our Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Standard. This page contains links to information on the road-traffic noise assessment required under our ESR Standard, and provides resources to support this process.

New Zealand Standard 6806

NZS 6806 is an independent standard produced by Standards New Zealand and includes methods for measuring, predicting, assessing and determining appropriate mitigation for road-traffic noise. 

Assessment guide

For road-traffic noise from new and altered state highways, we have adopted NZS 6806, and this assessment guide specifies our processes to implement that Standard. It describes how road-traffic noise should be assessed for state highway asset improvement projects and, where required, how appropriate noise mitigation should be determined.

Subsequent processes for implementation of noise mitigation, including design, construction, documentation and post-construction review, are set out in our P40 specification.


We have prepared an online training programme(external link) which explains the key acoustics principles and the NZS 6806 assessment process.

Noise measurement

Noise measurements are often performed by acoustics specialists at different stages of our projects. Noise monitoring conducted for our projects must be in accordance with these minimum requirements [PDF, 59 KB] and data must be provided to us using this format [XLS, 109 KB].

Information on variability of measurements is discussed in Research Report. The uncertainty of measurements should be determined in accordance with this guide.

Example reports

The following are examples of road-traffic noise assessment reports from our projects.

Screening reports

Assessment of environmental effects reports

For further information contact