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Road-traffic noise is generally assessed and mitigated outside of buildings. However, acoustic treatment of buildings is sometimes required to achieve reasonable internal noise levels.
To meet the noise requirements determined in accordance with NZS 6806, we will initially consider noise mitigation in the road corridor using low-noise road surfaces and noise barriers. If those measures are not practicable, we will offer residents acoustic treatment of their buildings, if required to achieve reasonable internal noise levels in accordance with NZS 6806.


We have prepared a State highway guide to acoustic treatment of buildings to aid our staff and contractors with the assessment of when the acoustic treatment of buildings is appropriate in accordance with NZS 6806, and the effective design and practical implementation of mitigation measures. The aim of this guide is to help deliver fit-for-purpose noise mitigation measures and to standardise the approach to building-modification on projects.

This guide may also be of assistance to developers and home owners when they are building new houses near existing state highways, as discussed in the Guide to the management of effects on noise sensitive land use near to the state highway network [Link to page on main Agency site].


Our requirements for acoustic treatment are included in the P40 specification.

For further information contact