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Pipe subsoil drain construction (F2)

Published: 2013

Specification and guidance notes for F2 pipe subsoil drain construction. It refers to pipe subsoil drains including the construction of trenches; the supplying and laying of perforated pipes of the specified type and size; the jointing of the pipes; the supplying and compacting of approved backfilling materials; and the construction of connecting and outlet drains. Subsoil drainage can improve the soil moisture relationship by keeping the ground water-table well beneath the paved surface.

In addition, a previous version of the F2 specification (2000) is listed as a historical reference.

Pipe culvert construction (F3)

Published: 2010

Specification and guidance notes for pipe culverts including the construction of trenches; supply and placement of bedding; supply and laying of pipes; jointing of the pipes; construction of headwalls, wing-walls, aprons, drops, and intakes and outlet structures; the construction of connecting and outlet drains; backfill of trenches and reinstatement. Consideration should be given in specifying in the specific contract documents the pipe installation in accordance with a relevant standard that will result in improved methods for construction, for example, NZS 4406: 1984.

Corrugated plastic pipe subsoil drain construction (F5)

Published: 2000

This specification and guidance notes refer to the use of perforated corrugated plastic pipe of up to 110mm nominal outside diameter in subsoil drains under light duty conditions, eg for use in agricultural land, playing fields and lightly loaded or load protected sections of the highway environment. The drains described in F/5 may be used for road or civil engineering works not subjected to heavy vehicular traffic.

Fabric wrapped aggregate subsoil drain construction (F6)

Published: 2003

This specification and guidance notes apply to the construction of subsoil drains which consist of geotextile lined trenches filled with drainage aggregate. Pipes may or may not be placed in this drainage aggregate. The major changes in the 2003 edition of the F/6 specification.

Technical memoranda

Preferred method for calculating road surface water run-off in New Zealand (TM-2502)

Published: 2012

This memo advises on the preferred method of calculating surface water flow and the limited use of the Gallaway method in New Zealand.

Bosspipe product, TNZ F2 and TNZ F3 specifications

Published: 2006

This memo provides advice on using Bosspipe as an alternative to materials in TNZ F2 and F3 specifications.

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