National pavement condition annual reports record the condition of the state highway network, based on high speed data (HSD). They are a useful tool for monitoring various performance measures related to condition. They provide trend analysis, percentile distributions for some measures, and comparisons against the national average and against other areas, on network outcome contract (NOC) boundaries.

Note that although the reporting is grouped at  One Network Road Classification (ONRC) level, the roughness thresholds used are based on average daily traffic (ADT) and urban/rural classification as in road assessment and maintenance management (RAMM). 

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For more information about the data, please refer to the user guide. 

Download the pavement condition report user guide [DOCX, 44 KB] 

Data reuse caveats: As per the licence and caveats below.  

Data quality statement: Pavement condition data is gathered via a technical survey and is therefore not prone to any human error. We have a high level of confidence that the equipment used is correctly calibrated and the data is processed appropriately by our supplier.  

Data quality caveats: If the survey is undertaken during weather extremes then some measures may not be representative of more normal conditions - e.g. skid resistance affected by binder tracking. 

License: CC-BY 4.0 International(external link)

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