About us

The Performance Management team provides information and support to stakeholders across Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to help drive world class, consistent performance in the management of our assets.

We work to develop the Highways and Network Operations group's commercial intelligence, measurement and monitoring capability with respect to the cost of maintenance and renewals. This capability ensures we deliver a performance-driven service, which represents value for money across the state highway network. We also champion best practice data and information management and usage to ensure our data, processes and documentation are robust, relevant and timely and inform decision-making processes.

The Performance Management team provides information and analysis in relation to:

  • Network condition and performance
  • Network usage and demand
  • Network dimensions
  • Network asset register
  • Performance of suppliers of network operations, maintenance and renewals
  • Operations, maintenance and renewals cost of service and value for money
  • Performance comparators
  • Opportunities for network performance improvement
  • Quality and accessibility of HNO process and guidelines
  • National asset information governance
    • This contains information related to the governance of asset information changes in HNO asset systems including:
      • the process for requesting changes to asset information
      • continual improvement and review of asset information held
      • links to material about asset information.

For further information contact HNOperformance@nzta.govt.nz.