State highway maintenance contract proforma manual (SM032)

The purpose of this manual (SM032) is to hold the Transport Agency’s standard state highway maintenance contract documentation and to provide a guide in preparing the contract tender documents.

The Transport Agency has moved away from the previous approach of utilising a range of different contract models in the maintenance business. The Network Outcomes Contract (NOC) delivery model is now almost exclusively used throughout the state highway network.

Consequently, the old delivery models (Traditional, Hybrid, and PSMC) have been removed from this manual and have been archived. No further work is planned to update these now replaced delivery models. Release of these delivery models can be made on request.

The core maintenance activities covered by the NOC include:

  • Network management - asset management, network controls and safety management.
  • Physical works - maintenance of sealed pavement, drainage and structures, and environmental maintenance, traffic services and operational traffic services.
  • Other network specific maintenance activities (eg tunnels) and local roads can be included as required.

This NOC provides for collaboration between the Transport Agency and Suppliers to achieve positive network outcomes. The Performance Framework, Contract Risk Profile and Basis of Payment have been designed to bring the Contractor’s practices and decision-making processes into line with the Transport Agency goals and objectives for state highways.

Find out more about NOC.

State highway network outcomes contract management manual (SM034)

SM034 provides guidance and assistance to Transport Agency staff involved with Network Outcomes Contracts. The manual covers the contract cycle from procurement, contract establishment, contract management and the maintenance, operations and renewal delivery annual cycle, through to the final year and contract close-out. It contains checklists, processes, forms and examples, and guidelines for elements of this contract. It sits alongside SM032 to further explain processes in the NOC and who is responsible for them, with a focus on the Transport Agency's contract management processes.

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