Construction of new infrastructure is a significant business activity of the Transport Agency. A key activity for the Transport Agency is the management of consultants through the use of professional services contracts, as defined by the Transport Agency′s Procurement manual.

Procurement manual

State highway professional services contract proforma manual (SM030)

SM030 contains the Transport Agency′s Request for Tender (RFT) document relating to professional services, including relevant minimum standard documents, standard forms and guidelines as appendices.

This manual forms the basis of all formal contract documentation used to engage a consultant for professional services, including the development, pre-implementation and implementation of any construction or improvement project, maintenance management, bridge and other structures management and traffic monitoring.

While all care has been taken in formulating this manual, the Transport Agency accepts no responsibility for failure in any way related to the application of this manual, or any reference documents noted in it. There is a need to apply judgement to each particular set of circumstances.

State highway professional services contract proforma manual (SM030)
Minimum standard documents
Standard forms

Short form contract

The short form contract should be used for any state highway professional services contract where the supplier is selected by the negotiation method (expedited procedures) as described in the Transport Agency′s Procurement manual. The Short form contract is primarily used for contracts less than $200,000 and must be issued with a contract number.

The Annexure section contains specific information to the contract. The format of the information is left to the project manager but will usually be an exchange of letters (being careful to ensure that all the required information is included), or a typed-up version. The project manager can either post two copies of the short form contract including Annexure to the consultant or e-mail the document with instructions to print two copies and duly execute them. The consultant must send the two signed copies of the contract to the project manager for signing who will then return one copy (signed by both parties) to the consultant, the other copy to be put in the Transport Agency file system.

Short form contract

Standard form contract

The standard form contract is primarily used for any state highway professional services contracts in excess of $200,000 and must be issued with a contract number in accordance with the office system.

Standard form contracts are generated using the Transport Agency′s Word template. The signing sets will include full copies of appendices and any notices to tenderers (NTTs) or additional documentation as specified. The signing process is as per the short form contract above.

Standard form contract

Engineer to contract accreditation

Only consultants who are accredited by the Transport Agency may be eligible to deliver Transport Agency physical works contracts. It is a requirement for all new construction projects that the engineer to the contract and engineer′s representative are accredited to the appropriate level.

Accreditation levels

There are four levels of accreditation based on project cost, risk and complexity:

Level 1 Small projects (low value-low risk, low complexity and/or up to $5m)
Level 2 Moderate projects (moderate complexity/and or $5m to $15m)
Level 3 Large projects (moderate complexity/and or $15m to $50m)
Level 4 Complex projects (more than $50m or design and construction or ECI variants or high risk/complexity)

Accreditation process