From time to time, suppliers may approach the NZ Transport Agency with a proposal to meet a perceived need, without being asked to do so. This is called an unsolicited proposal (also known as a market-led proposal), and is defined by the Transport Agency as:

‘an approach by an individual, company or organisation (proponent) that offers a unique commercial proposition to meet a need, which has not already been requested by the NZ Transport Agency or Government’.  

This may include proposals to build and/or finance infrastructure, provide goods or services or to undertake a major commercial transaction.

We have developed a set of unsolicited proposal guidelines that are intended to ensure unsolicited proposals are managed in a way that:

  • is transparent and fair to everyone
  • encourages business to bring forward good ideas.

The unsolicited proposal guidelines are aligned with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE) Guide to Unsolicited Unique Proposals and are consistent with Australasian best practice. The Transport Agency reserves the right to update its unsolicited proposal guidelines at any time.

These pages provide information for proponents on the unsolicited proposal process and how unsolicited proposals will be assessed.

For enquiries or to submit an unsolicited proposal please contact us at