What do you mean by ‘resilience’?

Resilience is about keeping our roads open as much as possible. It’s about preserving and restoring access to the network despite disruptive events. It is about making sure our roads can absorb and withstand disruptive events, that there are planned alternative routes when roads are closed and that they are reopened as soon as possible.

Associated with this is keeping our customers well informed so they can make the best decisions about their travel plans. 

In practical terms, this means our state highway network can perform effectively in a crisis, adapt to changing conditions (including climate change) and recover quickly from disturbances. It means minimising any adverse impacts on our customers.

Is the Transport Agency prepared for emergencies?

Yes, the NZ Transport Agency has excellent measures and practices in place that enable our business and our network to cope with disasters and extraordinary disruptive events.

What is being done to improve the resilience of state highways?

We have created a number of tools, plans and resources to help achieve this including:

  • Emergency response plans – to ensure the effects of an emergency are minimised on our network so that people can complete their journeys is a fast as possible.
  • Resilience plans - to increase the robustness of our roads and to provide better indicators and predictors of potential disruption.
  • Business continuity plans - to ensure the Transport Agency can operate effectively during, and after, any event that disrupts our business activities.

Can you help me or my organisation with our resilience and emergency preparedness?

Contact us at resilience-infrastructureplanning@nzta.govt.nz.

What exactly is the One Network Road Classification and how does this fit in with resilience?

The One Network Road Classification (ONRC) involves categorising roads based on the functions they perform as part of an integrated national network. The classification will help local government and the Transport Agency to plan, invest in, maintain and operate the road network in a more strategic, consistent and affordable way throughout the country.

The ONRC determines what ‘levels of service’ a particular classification of road should provide (for example, what safety measures should it have, what amenities can be expected). Resilience is a key ‘customer levels of service’ consideration under the ONRC, so there are certain measures relating to network outages and availability for each ONRC road category.

How can I find out more?

For further information contact resilience@nzta.govt.nz.