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Identify opportunities for resource efficiency during the project planning, design and implementation stages.  To maximise the efficiency benefits these opportunities should be considered as early in the project as possible.

Opportunity matrix

To help you understand the potential resource efficiency opportunities for your project we have created a resource efficiency matrix [PDF, 126 KB]. This matrix aims to assist project managers and project teams to assess and identify relevant resource efficiency opportunities at different stages of the development, delivery and maintenance of state highways. 

Environmental and social responsibility screen

During the indicative business stage of each project, project teams are required to complete the Environmental and social responsibility screen. The screen includes questions to promote consideration of resource efficiency. The Environment and Urban Design team will review the screen, seek to work with project teams and the Pavements team to consider what might be applicable and support project teams to implement those initiatives that make sense.

Recycled materials

The Transport Agency has an objective to make resource efficiency an integral part of all state highway activities. A key method of becoming more resource efficient is by reducing the use of virgin materials and by increasing the use of marginal and recycled material in pavement composition.

The Agency also allows and encourages the use of selected recycled materials. The Transport Agency provides a list of the types of materials that are currently allowed by Agency standards.


Greenroads® is a sustainability rating tool that encourages smart design and construction choices and provides a framework for project teams to consider and implement sustainability initiatives. The Transport Agency requires all high value state highway projects over $15 million that are delivered via design and construction, alliance or public-private-partnership delivery models to seek Greenroads certification. A recommendation to certify a project to Greenroads will be made at the detailed business case stage. Greenroads includes credits for resource efficient practices.

Energy efficient street lighting

Street lights controlled by the Transport Agency consume approximately 6 million kWh of electricity and represent a major energy cost for the Agency. Moving towards LED lights represents a unique opportunity to reduce the energy consumption by up to 60%. The Agency offers more information on street lighting and the Agency’s lighting policy.


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