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Bridge inspection and maintenance manual (SP/M/016)

Published: 2001

Guidelines for best practice bridge inspection and maintenance. It includes techniques, procedures and current technology.

Bailey bridge manual (SM061)

(Not currently available for download. Copies available from

Published: 2009

This manual sets out the requirements for the provision, inspection, maintenance, testing and storage of Bailey bridging on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency. This manual shall be read in conjunction with the Bailey bridge and Uniflote handbook, which provides detailed information on Bailey bridging.

Vehicle dimension and mass permitting manual

Published: 2015

The Vehicle dimension and mass permitting manual (the VDAM manual) states the NZ Transport Agency’s policies, standards, processes and procedures for the permitting of vehicles exceeding standard dimension and mass limits. The manual is the authoritative body of knowledge for all heavy vehicle permitting and supersedes the Transport Agency’s Overweight permit manual and draft HPMV manual.


Repair of corrosion protection systems (C23)

Published: 2000

Guidance notes setting out the technical requirements for the quality repair of corrosion protection systems, which may be used as a basis for particular specifications. These include paints, galvanising and metal spraying used to prevent corrosion of metal structures, devices and components installed on or as part of the state highway system.

Specification for the cleaning and recoating of steelwork coated with lead based paint (C26)

Published: 2003

This specification and guidance notes are for the maintenance painting of structural steelwork coated with lead-based paint.

Management of state highway bridges, geotechnical structures and other significant structures (SM030)

Published: 2020

This standard professional services specification comprises all standard components of the management of state highway bridges, geotechnical structures and other significant structures for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. However, only those components specifically requested in the contract scope section are to be undertaken by the Consultant.

Bridges, geotechnical structures and other significant structures inspection policy (S6)

Published: 2020

This policy document sets out the requirements for the inspection of bridges, geotechnical structures and other significant structures on the state highway network including the structural aspects of tunnels.

Tunnels management and inspection policy (S8)

Published: 2017

This policy document sets out the main roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved in the delivery of safe and effective tunnel management on the state highway network and the requirements for the inspection of infrastructure used to manage and control the tunnels.

Guidelines/advice notes

Bridge data system (BDS) descriptive guide part A

Published: 2006

The purpose of this guideline is to provide all users of the bridge data system (BDS) details of how to operate the application. It also defines the role each party plays in ensuring the database is kept up to date.

Bridge overweight rating and posting weight limits assessment (SP/M/018)

Published: 2002

This document is an amalgamation of the Ministry of Works and Development (MWD) Civil Division publications CDP 703/A: 1973 Bridge classification and deck grading for overweight permits and CDP 704/B: 1974 Assessment of posting weight limits for highway bridges. It also contains other relevant MWD Civil Division circulars and additional information that may still be useful for bridge rating and posting calculations.

Note: This document is in imperial units and does not necessarily reflect current policy or practice, and no attempt has been made to update it to current practice.

Protective coatings for steel bridges: A guide for bridge and maintenance engineers

Published: 2014

This document provides a summary of information to assist the bridge designer with the specification of a cost effective performance based corrosion protection system, taking into account future maintenance requirements, by using the net present value life cycle costing model. Guidance is also provided for the maintenance painting of existing steel bridges.

Provision of services on existing state highway structures (TM 4007)

Published: 2013

This memo provides requirements for the provision of services on existing state highway structures. These requirements are intended to assist utility operators to prepare suitable documentation for review by the NZ Transport Agency.

OPermit bridge structural data guide

Published: 2016

The OPermit bridge structural data guide provides guidance for:

  • the development of structural data for bridges and major culverts in the OPermit overweight permit checking system
  • the engineering principles underpinning the structural analysis methods of OPermit
  • the interpretation of OPermit output.

This document is intended for personnel providing bridge technical support to Permit Issuing Officers (PIOs) and for personnel who create and maintain OPermit structural data.

OPermit: Overweight and high productivity motor vehicle permitting system user guide

Published: 2012

This guide sets out how to use the overweight and HPMV permitting (OPermit) system application.

Road controlling authority - information pack for VDAM Rule 2016 [PDF, 355 KB]

Published: 2017

The purpose of this information pack is to ensure that road controlling authorities are aware of the actions required by them to implement the changes to the VDAM Rule and the support available to them to do this. This includes background, key contacts, bridge assessment guides and details of the specialist vehicle permitting process.

Landscape guidelines

Published: 2014

The guidelines recognise the important contribution landscape thinking, landscape design, implementation and management provides in the delivery of quality infrastructure. 

The guidelines outline the key considerations and critical steps to be followed when assessing, designing, constructing and maintaining state highway landscape assets. 

Concrete barriers used to temporarily detain rockfall and slope debris (TAN #15-14)

Published: 2015

This Technical advice note clarifies issues related to the utilisation of concrete barriers to temporarily detain rockfall and slope debris. 

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