About us

The Transport Property team is part of the Transport Services Group within Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

Property is a crucial enabler for our transport projects. The Transport Property Team works closely with transport teams at all project stages (strategy, planning, design and delivery) to support the successful delivery of each project.

Transport Property has five key operational functions which are to:

  • provide the strategy for property requirements for each project
  • manage the acquisition of property interests for projects
  • provide day to day management of each property acquired till that property is used for a project
  • survey and legalise the property post project, and then
  • dispose of any surplus land not required.

We have regional teams of specialists across each of these functions located in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Given the scale of our business we outsource some of the operational work to external providers which includes the negotiation of acquisition and disposal agreements, and the day to day property management and maintenance of property held for projects.

Our work is generally conducted under the Public Works Act (PWA) 1981 and is governed by the UNZ Standards and Guidelines LINZS15005 and LINZG15703.

Public Works Act (PWA) 1981(external link)

LINZS15005(external link)

LINZG15703(external link)

Additionally, from time to time Transport Property will publish documents to support the acquisition and disposal processes, such as valuation report templates for the instructing of valuers and the undertaking of valuations under the PWA. These templates are available on the HIP and are for use by the Crown and Landowners alike.

Valuation report templates

For further information on Transport Property please see the links below.