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Safety in Design is a standard that integrates hazard identification and risk assessment methods early in the design process. The standard considers how to eliminate, isolate or minimise the risks of death, injury and ill health to those who will construct, operate, maintain, decommission or demolish an asset.

Safety in Design begins in the conceptual and planning phases of a project. The emphasis is on making the right choices about the design as early as possible to enhance the safety of the project. These choices may include appropriate methods of construction, ongoing maintenance provisions or materials used.

Most construction safety risk mitigation is aimed at isolating, informing or controlling the hazard. The opportunity to consider the life cycle of the project and involve decision makers in the early design stages to eliminate a hazard is invaluable. The earlier you can begin this process in the design stages, the easier it is to make changes that benefit everyone. The design stage offers the greatest opportunity to incorporate improvements that can produce time and cost savings over the life of the asset.

Safety in Design - minimum standard for road projects [PDF, 3.6 MB]

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